Exhibits in the Hall of Science

Hyperbolic Funnel

Physical Science/Laws of planetary motion

Gravitational pull

Constructed of highly-polished, industrial-strength fiberglass, our funnels are manufactured to exacting specifications for optimum performance. Funnels are available in three sizes and in a variety of colors. The funnel's high-quality, gel coated surface is carefully calibrated to insure an accurate launch and smooth trip all the way down. The addition of a launcher allows for precision aiming and a much deeper level of experimentation.

Ferrofluid Magnetoscope

Physical Science/


Users control magnets to achieve beautifully flowing liquid structures.

Vertical Flyer

Physical Science/Aerodynamics/Principle of Aerodynamic Lift


Aerospace engineering design challenge where visitors think like engineers to design, build, and test a prototype wind-powered device to hover in three vertical wind tubes whose fans blow air from the bottom to the top. The aim is to maintain the hovering device in a designated target zone (in the tube) for a continuous five or more seconds without moving above or below the zone. Each tube has a different target height—low, middle, and high to provide different goals that require different designs to achieve the target time. The main goal is to think like an engineer and follow the engineering design process.

Photoelasticity Bridge

Physical Science/Engineering design


Photoelasticity is used to determine the distribution of stress in a material. It is commonly used when the mathematical solutions get tricky or overly complex. We wanted a STEM based exhibit that would be hands on to allow children to explore the stress distribution of bridges.

Sail Cars



All of the sailing, none of the water! Did you know the best angle to sail into the wind is at 45°? The vessel must zig-zag, or “tack”, from starboard to port to reach a destination from which the wind is blowing.

Circuit Bench

Physical Science


Connect a maze of circuits to complete a connection with the device you want to power. It's our take on snap circuit.

Bernoulli Table

Physics - Bernoulli Principle


See the Bernoulli Principle in action! Suspend light-weight spheres in mid-air while learning how something as heavy as a jumbo jet is able to fly as though it’s lighter than air!

Air Cars

Physical Science/Laws of planetary motion-

Gravitational pull


Grab a car off the shelf, customize it for speed and experience Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion first hand while racing a friend to the finish line!

Staten Island Borough President's

Hall of Science

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