The former library for the College of Staten Island, which was used as a Department of Education archiving center from 2002-2017, is on its way to evolving into a Hall of Science for students. It encompasses 15,000 square feet of usable space, two floors.


This is the vision of Kevin Moran.  He plans to utilize the two floors as follows:


  • First level –  eight science stations with different scientific themes. This will serve as a large science lab with eight stations themed around various areas of science (perhaps themes like energy, chemistry, etc).  Each station would be a stand-alone unit. Throughout the room there will be approximately ten adaptable tables for classroom instruction. He envisions this as a “learning environment” where 3-4 classes at a time could assemble and be immersed in hands-on experiences related to pre-visit lessons.


  • Second level – a Maker-Space environment with a unique feel for technical learning. This space would be geared more toward high school level students with an emphasis on 3D printers, computer workstations and “breakout spaces”.  Kevin will invite Maker-Space teams to help him create a specialized environment here.


On the First level, goal is to have open flexible versatile space for students K-12 (though concentrating on grades 3rd-8th initially)

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